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Communicating Effectively by Public Speaking

27 Jun , 2014  

Being an effective public speaker is a skill that one has to hone. As with any skill, public speaking is a talent that is refined after continuous practice, learning to overcome fear and also keeping in mind certain best practices to be successful in it.

Effective public speaking is crucial in honing leadership skills. To be an effective speaker, you must be able to know how to properly combine speaking, listening and negotiating. More so, you must be able to get your message across to your audience and be able to inspire them to take action.

In order to have a successful presentation, you must be able to prepare a well-researched and at the same time a well written speech. It is essential to be very knowledgeable on your topic so that if your audience seeks answers or asks questions at the end, you can confidently answer back. This will give you a lot of credibility and can develop trust with your audience.

You can begin by writing the end and work towards the opening so you can figure out where to lead your audience. It is important that you establish rapport with them so they can connect with you. Make the material more personal, and speak as though you are simply having a conversation with a friend. Doing so will enable your listeners to be more engaged and will also make the speech sound unrehearsed and natural. In order to avoid it being too monotonous, try using visuals, which can also help in making your point.

Take note of the key words to guide you in your speech. It is best not to memorize, but rather know your topic by heart. Practice makes perfect so before you go on stage, try to go through the delivery several times. Also, prior to speaking, be sure to drink water to smoothen your vocal chords so you can project your voice and do dramatic pauses.

If unexpected things happen, deal with it accordingly and do not panic. Just focus on the message, be confident and you will successfully deliver your message.



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