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10 Apr , 2015  

Corner of Yesterday and Tomorrow

The Brick Wall Bites!

The last couple of weeks has presented several challenges both on the personal front (health) and the business front. Sometimes you run into that ol’ brink wall and it always hurts! But, there is something very important to remember. THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY AROUND, OVER, UNDER, OR THROUGH THAT WALL IF NECESSARY.


My health issues are resolved and I simply remain in a recovery mode for the next couple of months. Nothing left to do really except heal and move on. I’m very thankful that the health issues are not life threatening and just a part of getting older.


For reasons still not completely understood, my totally revamped and expensive WordPress website hosted on GoDaddy.com disappeared overnight. Yep! About $1,500.00 up in smoke in the blink of an eye. Luckily, I can revert to my good standby here on Webs.com. My web presence may have been dented, but not totally lost and I am thankful for that. I will move on with what I have.


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