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5 Smart Ways You Can Use Content to Increase Online Traffic

8 Dec , 2015  

“Content is king” in business marketing world where excellent material is constantly being demanded. With the innovative innovations in location, great material is simple to create, although lots of online marketers and entrepreneur are in some cases not sure of the smarter methods to establish fantastic material which is extremely in need.

All companies today need excellent material to draw more interested customers to their coasts in constructing brand awareness and engaging with target market where possible. Excellent material is effective in encouraging readers to end up being devoted fans of the brand and company besides being informal brand ambassadors by sharing the exact same material on social networks to affect others on the brand, services or items.

Online marketers who wish to get more sales and higher brand presence in the market need to think about implementing the following 5 methods in deploying content proactively to enhance online traffic to their company websites.

1) Constant Fresh Content

No one wants to check out stagnant material; fresh material is generally needed where something brand-new remains in the providing. Initial posts are extremely looked for after, which is not tough to acquire if the online marketer is enthusiastic about the brand and company. If the brand and company items or services are something vibrant which every customer needs to have and understand then there must be a lot to compose.

Initial contents come from their owner who is motivated with fresh understandings into the brand and company items. There would constantly be something brand-new or fresh from the brand or company with the continuous innovations that produce brand-new characteristics.

Online marketers and company owner who care about their company brand and services or products would not have any issue producing exceptional material that is exciting, appropriate and fascinating to their targeted specific niche markets or customers. It must be simple to compose fresh material regularly to enhance the brand and company in the market, although extreme competitors might keep the online marketers on their toes at all times and content authors might be challenged to remain ahead of the competitors.

Initial contents might provide understandings into various problems with probable options which would affect customers’ lives and purchasing power or choice that online marketers desire in their favor.

2) Fascinating Material through Engaging Title

If the entire plan is not appealing; this refers to the start of the short article prior to customers open the file to check out the contents, excellent material would not be checked out. It is important to draw in possible clients with appealing headlines and strong statements that would mesmerize the interest while stirring the interest or interest of receivers.

The title of the short article is a start to the terrific material which must draw customers’ interest instantly in a fascinating way. The option of words, design and font styles of the title all play an essential function in persuading the reader to open the file for a complete read. Innovative alternatives such as making use of a reliable voice, humor, alluring offers and inspiring quotes along with concerns work effectively on the titles to tease and lure customers in opening the file.

3) Competitive Keywords or Phrases

Excellent material is constructed around competitive keywords which augur well with internet search engine. Popular keywords might enhance the competitiveness of internet search engine searches however well chosen keywords and even keyword phrases boost the search on the Web.

This is where content authors have to understand what works well on the Web where online search engine guideline and reign. SERPs are prominent and extremely critical in figuring out how web traffic would be directed. High page rankings are accorded to great material that includes the very best of SEO with backlinks, competitive keywords and appropriate formats that motivate a fast discover by search spiders.

Long tail keywords or keyword phrases are now preferred as favored keywords in posts that would capture the interest of internet search engine for a greater page ranking. This alternative motivates a quicker and more precise search than brief tail keywords.

4) Podcasts and Videos

Advanced innovations must be appropriately controlled with their attack of brand-new devices such as podcasts and videos. These elements provide instant trustworthiness to websites hosting the material. Modern customers welcome brand-new innovations and gadgets extremely quickly today; choice is offered to video contents that are amusing and brief.

Online broadcasting is taken pleasure in even with audio recordings that are fascinating and brief depending upon the chosen subjects. Basic devices and application abilities increase the deployment of video and podcast material.

5) Social Media Blogs

Blog sites are an exceptional platform of assistance for terrific material to be easily shown in public. Numerous blog sites are readily available on public websites such as social media networks and online neighborhoods where thousands to countless web customers are discovered.

Blog sites provide a platform for online marketers and entrepreneur to share their fantastic material throughout a bigger audience beyond borders through the Web. Online forums might host a blog site conversation where remarks and understandings might be shared amongst similar and interested customers who might likely be possible company leads.

The blog website itself might be a resourceful channel that offers web customers helpful options and devices easily and easily. This would broaden the brand and company presence in the market to attract more traffic from around the area to enhance business subscriber list and database.

Great material might likewise be exposed on social media networks, newsgroups, online message boards and online neighborhood areas where originalities are motivated and shared. Google, Facebook and Ezine are outstanding social networks platforms and directory sites that might assist springboard great material even more ahead of the competitors.


Terrific content is continuously looked for by web customers to be much better notified in making smart and smart choices particularly online. A great deal of details might be collected from all corners of the Web, although Google provides its proficiency in determining much better material through its search algorithms and SERPs.

Online marketers or content authors have a myriad of devices to enhance their material on the Web while determining their chosen audience that would generate more earnings and sales.

About the Author:  Steve Brown is a champion of small business, entrepreneurial endeavors, and the vibrant American freelance workforce of today’s world.  He is Founder, CEO, and Chief Inspirational Officer (CIO) of 4 cutting edge companies:  Quality Communication Solutions Content; Quality Communication Solutions Digital Video Agency; Razorback Resources; and SRBrown Unlimited.  Custom Content Creation, and Quality services and products provided at reasonable and affordable prices, while maintaining the highest standards of ethics and integrity is the heart and soul of Steve’s professional offerings.

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10 Customer Service Tips You Need to Know For Your Business

17 Oct , 2014  

You have the resources, the knowledge and the skills to start your business or you might even be pushing your business to a larger-scale. If this is the case, a wider spectrum would mean a wider responsibility and the single most important advantage that you can have is employing a staff with great customer service skills. These staff must:


Know the Hierarchy As the name implies “customer service” is always about the customers. It is the customer’s needs and wants that you and your growing team should address. All the actions that your business is undertaking are all geared toward improving the satisfaction of customers. The customer is therefore at the top most hierarchy which represents the priority and the core of your services.


Possess Initiative. Initiative is a powerful tool that can make customers feel that you are interested to meet his or her needs. A good staff gives useful information during a customer inquiry ahead of time and opens a door for the client as he leaves. These are small actions that can make a great impact to clients.


Express Sympathy A staff should always put himself into the customer’s shoes. Sympathy can be well expressed by asking a customer nicely about additional queries. Make the client feel that you will do your best in answering his questions.


Know What to Say A great customer service should possess powerful communication. Replace “I don’t know” with “I will find out” and replace “no” with “what I can do is…” Never make a customer feel that she is running out of options. Always present alternatives.


Behave Without Aggression A commandment in customer service is never to over react. Customers always ask for a solution to their problem and they hope that you can help them. When a customer starts to become irate, apologize, explain the reason and offer alternative solutions.


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How to Advertise Your Business on a Tight Budget

15 Oct , 2014  


Many small time business owners think that advertising requires a whole lot of investment for it to be effective. This idea is false. There are many ways to advertise your business without spending a significant amount of money. These ways are simple but effective. Keep these methods in mind because it might just help your business to win customers.

Flyers and Posters You don’t needs thousands of dollars in order for your business to be seen by potential customers. Everyone has a printer and a computer at home and if you have a small business, I assume you have these tools too. Make the most of it. Print your own flyers and posters. They don’t need to be done by a professional layout artist. Just create a colored background and the important information about your business including contact details and voila! You have your first advertising medium. Distribute your flyers and posters, but make sure you post them in appropriate places in order for them to be seen.

Cable Advertising Wait before you cross your eyebrows the kind of cable advertising I am talking about does not require thousands of dollars. This is the advertising you see at the bottom of your TV screen. This is called crawl advertising and this usually cost about $10 a day. Not bad for a medium-sized business.

Social Media Advertising If you don’t have the budget for creating your own business website, you can use your social media to advertise your products and services. This is a very effective advertising strategy. In fact, 90% of online shops benefit from social media sites especially Facebook. A business website may cost you a few hundred dollars for Web hosting and domains, but using social media is free and you can share it to as many social media friends as possible.

Post Commercial on YouTube Almost 90% of online sellers have their own YouTube channel. YouTube is usually overlooked as an effective advertising medium, but it actually works. This medium provides an opportunity for you to advertise your products and services without paying for an air time fee plus you get to solicit feedback from customers.


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Tips for Successful Advertising

15 Oct , 2014  

Advertising plays a critical role in the success of your business. However, many companies fail to see the advantage that advertising can bring their business. Recogniz that it can make a huge impact on your business more than you can ever imagine. Here are few pieces of advice regarding advertising for you to consider.

Fundamentals of Advertising According to the laws of business at least 5% of the gross income of a business should be saved for advertising. This percentage will be put to waste if the business will not comprehend the essential laws of advertising.

Use a Single Message This makes the message consistent, simple and easy to understand. Your business message should ultimately reflect your mission in less than a few seconds.

Emphasize Credibility Many advertising efforts reflect unrealistic messages and claims. Never attempt to do this because 80% of costumers do not fall for unrealistic claims therefore you need to be honest and should sound credible. A survey suggests that credibility is the second most sought after trait by customers next to the effectiveness of the product or service. Your ad should reflect integrity, credibility and honest services.

Test Your Ad Have you ever wondered why most services you seek asks you where you heard about them? That is because they want to know if the advertising campaign that they use is effective. Many businesses fail to do this that is why the 5% they have set for advertising is wasted. Make sure you survey a proper medium of advertising that you will employ to suit your services and your budget.

Broadcast your Contact Information Be available everywhere. Make sure that you post all the contact information about your services in every advertising medium, including your e-mail, mobile, landline and postal address. This facilitates easy communication with the customers.


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Vital Components in Social Media Marketing Strategies

11 Oct , 2014  

Get started in planning your strategies in social media marketing. Social media can be your best ally in promoting any business to prospective customers. Find out the things to include in your social media campaign.


Single out your so-called entrepreneurial targets. Each strategy is meant to fulfill business objectives. Remember that it is impossible to advance unless you know your goals. Assess business requirements carefully. Most importantly, utilize social media sites because this will help you accomplish said needs. What should your strategies include? Increase brand consciousness, maintain your existing customers and minimize marketing expenditures. These should be your top three concerns.


There should also be definite benchmarks. Social media marketing goals should identify successful implementation of plans. Use the so-called S-M-A-R-T Methodology. This simply means Specific, Measurable or (Quantifiable), Achievable, Relevant or (Pertinent) and Time-bound.


At the same time, determine ideal clients. In case your enterprise does not get very good engagement on your social pages, it may denote that your customer profile is not accurate. Some of the things that you must identify are the age bracket that your target audience belongs, their occupation or profession, income range, problems, preferences, motivations, likes, and dislikes.


Make use of social media to achieve business targets. Marketing experts say that strategies in social media concentrate primarily on customer awareness, loyalty and maintenance. Likewise, figure out the demographics of potential and existing customer segments. This brings you to the very important aspect of knowing your targeted audience. Measure up social media marketing initiatives with networks where customers spend time the most.


Assess your competitors. Competitive analysis is a primary element in any marketing technique. Pinpoint principal topics and begin creating value. You need to do more than tweet or make status updates. It is imperative for you to become aggressive and provide value without committing the mistake of over-selling.

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How to Make a Killer Signage that Attracts Customers

25 Sep , 2014  

Your signage is the first thing people see when they walk by your building. How do you ensure a killer signage? This article shows aspiring small-scale business owners’ tips for making the single most important marketing investment you need to make in order for your business to get noticed.


Determine Signage’s Purpose Determine whether the signage will serve as a permanent or temporary representation of your business. If it’s something permanent, you want to make sure that the materials you’re going to use are of good quality so that you won’t be replacing it every week.


Signage Contents Make sure your signage contains complete information on how your customers will find you. Include the name of your business, your contact information and it’s also important to emphasize what you specifically do and for whom you’re doing it. An example is informing students that you offer tutorials for subjects like Math.


Use both External and Internal Signage External signage is what you see outside your building but internal signage is equally important because existing members of your business are kept informed about any updates or developments about your business. This makes customer feel involved in your business. Internal signage is tied closely to social Media such as Twitter where you can post updates and promos.


Be Decisive in your Goal and Stimulate Customer Action Your signage should have a clear goal embedded into it. Do you want customers to call you? Visit your page? Walk in? Make customers feel their responsibility to act after seeing your sign.


Keep it Brief and Concise Make it simple, short but complete. Wordy signage bores readers and even confuses them. They might end up not reading it at all.


Use Standard Design Principles Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Is the sign visible? Ensure background and text for easy viewing. You can experiment with different colors, but avoid putting too much color into it. Design ideas can be found here.


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How to Adapt the Current Trends in SEO for Your Social Market

25 Sep , 2014  

Many people have been engaging oin ways that will drive their website towards the sales that they have been looking for. In order for your social market to move forward, your website should continually cope with the current trends of SEO. The following are:


SEO in Social Media


One of the most important transitions that have been happening in the search engine market is probably the integration of social media and SEO. We call this term “social SEO.” This is basically lending the messaging mechanism that is taking place on social networks with the keywords that writers are inputting in natural search. The leveraging of social SEO will undoubtedly bring success in the future.


Google Algorithm Updates


Google has now started updating its algorithm, placing higher focus on SEO and more specifically, the placement of keywords in your website’s content. Therefore, it is now of great importance to have a working team who not only understands the updates but can also make the necessary adjustments on the campaigns. Ensure that your link profile is natural and proves stability and security. Make people feel that your business is available here, today, tomorrow and in the future.


Responsive Design


One of the most important factors for an effective Internet marketing campaign is the ability of your website to be responsive and renders along multiple platforms. You don’t just have your desktop; you also have your tablet, and mobile platforms. Make sure you provide your users with multiple experiences using different platforms. Mobile platforms help you to easily display your website and enables users to easily navigate through your page. This provides the search engine the user experience that they have been looking for and therefore propels your website to a top placement.


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Steps in Becoming an Entrepreneur

23 Sep , 2014  

Perhaps you are thinking about starting your own business. Being an entrepreneur necessitates motivation, proper knowledge, patience and sacrifice. But with the right mindset and coupled with hard work, you will surely be rewarded.


Ideas, Ideas, and more Ideas Before starting your own business, you should have come up with an idea and upon reading this page, you may have already came up with an idea for your business. Now, evaluate your idea. Is it realistic? Think about the cost and the effort you’ll have to exert to make it reach its fruition. Is it worth it? If you still don’t have any idea, a good start is to look at your market. What particular group do you want to be your target market? Are they teens, adults or children?


Create a Business Plan Plan your business carefully. A plan includes detailed information about the product description. What are the materials that you will need to make your product look attractive? Who are your potential competitors? Where are they located? What will be your marketing strategy? How do you plan to advertise your business? How will you convince your customer to buy? Write the complete steps on how to make your product. All these basic questions should be answered to be able to properly evaluate your readiness to start your own business.


Sell your Product Sell and distribute your product to your target market. Observe the amount of revenue you get from selling your product. This is the best time to determine if it satisfies the target revenue that you have in your plan. What percent of the total revenue are you receiving?


Get Feedback Generate important comments and suggestions from people who bought your product. Listen to their comments and note down individual preferences. This will help you further modify and develop your product to suit the taste of the customers.


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3 Must-Know Tools for Online Business

18 Sep , 2014  

If you want to make money out of your own website, there are three essential tools you need to know about. Remember, however, that these three tools must always be coupled with patience and dedication in order for you to achieve the best out of your Web business.


Domain Name These are unique names used to identify websites. It is used to identify various web pages using IP addresses and URLS. For example, in the URL ‘webopedia.com/TERM/D/domain_name.html,’ the domain name is ‘webopedia.com.’ Every web server needs a domain name to be translated into an IP address. A domain name will probably cost you anywhere between $9-$16 a year. Yes you need to renew your domain name from Web hosting companies like Godaddy, FatCow and iPage.


Hosting Account Your web hosting account enables your domain name to be available in the World Wide Web. Never forget to inform the Web server where you got your domain name to direct your domain to your web hosting company. You can say something like, “hello I am Sam and I bought a domain name from you and here are the details of my domain name and hosting account.” I need these two to be linked.” If someone types your domain name (e.g. cheerios.com), in order for him to view it, the registrar needs to send the researcher the website which is at your hosting company. If your Registrar doesn’t know where your hosting company is, there is no way your Web page can be shown. Hosting accounts may range from $10-$200+ a month, but there is also many hosting accounts that can be used for free.


Auto responders You probably don’t have your own auto responder at the moment. There is a company called AWeber which you will hear a lot. AWeber.com is a leading company for auto responders, who manage your list in your business. This is the reason why it is recommended to have an auto responder. If you are deciding to open an AWeber account be informed that it costs $19 a month since most people do not want to spend a dime online if possible. Unlike hosting accounts, it is difficult at best to find a reputable and free auto responder so this is something you need to consider.



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Steps That Will Improve Your Business Scheme

11 Sep , 2014  

Hugely competitive business owners continue to traverse the rivalry and competition in the market. But no matter how successful their product may seem to us, all of these huge businesses and corporations started out as a fairly simple small-scale business scheme. Before hitting it out to the huge and competitive world of business, the following steps need to be kept in mind by small time business owners.

Know your product. This is quite straightforward considering that the product is what you intend to sell. Of course, you should know your product. By “knowing,” I don’t mean just knowing the name of the brand, but understanding it as well. Understand how a certain product that you’re selling was made, its shelf life, quality and sustainability. This will give you an idea about the different strategies to help you generate a technique to make your product appealing to your target customers. Remember, customers are visual creatures. If upon assessment, you think your products look visually unappealing, then create something physically attractive. Customers appreciate efforts to make products fitting to their taste.

Be Unique. In the world of business, standing out is a tough challenge. As a business owner, you are obligated to know the things that make your product different from the others that are sold in the market today. What makes your product unique? What does it have that its competing products don’t? These are key points that you can highlight in your ads to help customers differentiate your product from a different brand with equally unique characteristics.

It’s all about the quality. Always seek a quality product to sell first before thinking about the cash that you will reap. Money follows after quality. It is important to note that customers have expectations. What do they want to see in your product? Put yourself in their shoes. If you are going to buy a specific brand, what do you expect to get? These are common questions that are really helpful to think about.

Get Involved in Your Product. Customers welcome small business owners who engage in an interactive relationship with them and allow supportive communication to help improve their products. It is also a great avenue to discover unmet expectations of some customers. Reach out to them and reveal your product involvement. For a business to succeed, a highly involved owner is the key.

Acquiring the Right Name and Logo. This step is not as complicated as it may sound but it is equally important. When choosing the brand of your product, make sure that it defines your product entirely. Choose a logo that embodies your products or services so customers can understand your product better. Go for simplicity. The brand and the logo you choose should be appealing to your target market. It should be a language that your target population fully understands or something they are familiar with.

Consistent Customer Service. When doing any business scheme, always be consistent. Be consistent on how you approach your customers. Make them feel that you welcome every opportunity to listen to them. Have a consistent voice in your customer service. Almost 70 percent of unsatisfied customers express disapproval because of bad customer service. As a starting business owner, you cannot afford to lose much. The key is always building staff members who understand your product/s, know your customers’ needs and how to interact with irate clients.