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Calming Your Nerves for Speeches or Presentations

24 Jul , 2014  

Okay, let’s face it, speaking in front of a number of people with their eyes fixed on you is nerve racking, especially when it’s an important presentation. We start to fidget, lose words, and worse, forget what we should be speaking about. Here are some quick tips in calming your nerves before you face the crowd that you’re supposed to speak to:

HYDRATION – When we are nervous, we start to become pale and experience this dry mouth that makes it hard for us to continue speaking and according to some, dry mouth is a real sign of anxiety. Keep a bottle with you and drink enough water to keep you hydrated.

VISUALIZE – Try visualizing yourself – already doing your presentation on what you want to do and what you want to happen. Bring yourself to the reality that you are surely going to become nervous and how will you manage to keep a smile when doing so. When it’s not your turn yet, we tend to be calm and think that we are prepared, but when our names are finally called – your heartbeat races.

EXERCISE – exercise can help us keep calm all throughout the day, when you know you’ll be delivering a speech later on, jog outside and clear your thoughts.

BREATHE- Because you have to. Take deep breaths, shake your hands to release tension and when the time comes, fill your head with positive emotions and never forget to face the audience and maintain eye contact.

PRACTICE – It’s the number one most important thing to do when there’s a nerve racking event right ahead of you. During free time, practice saying the words you are to say, in a mirror or with someone else to watch and correct mistakes you’ve made. Being prepared always comes in handy.

Hope these helps – stay calm and good luck!



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