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Be Motivated in your Article Writing Journey

4 Jul , 2014  

As an article writer, it is important to be prepared for both good times and the bad. Many successful writers today experienced rejection at least once in their career. Got rejected? Accept it and move on – it is part of the life of a writer. Your attitude towards that rejection is the problem. Will it make you or break you? Use the rejection as a stepping stone!

Always think that rejection in the realm of article writing is not personal. There are reasons behind it and for you, what you can do is simply look at the positive side of the rejection. Take note, the rejection is not about your skills and knowledge as a writer. Most of the time, the meaning of the said rejection is that they do not need the last article you sent for the meantime. Do not think that they don’t need you anymore. They will need you in the future, but not at the moment. Never take the rejection (which may come in the form of letters) personally and if you do, you may find yourself at the bottom and never submitting any articles. The fear of being rejected is dreadful. Stand up, take the risk and submit again.

Of course, keep in mind that you cannot please everybody with your article writing. In a nutshell, do not write for the people who do not like your products. Give yourself, time and resources to write the content you really want to write. If you choose to please others and compromise who you really are as a writer, you may end up getting the worst of both ends. Therefore, write articles for those with brilliant minds, for those with big heart and for those with big brains because they have the appetite to feed their mind with what you can offer.


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