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Be Effective with Your Social Media Marketing

15 Jul , 2014  

Creating a strategy that entails social media marketing is in increasing demand today. Marketing using social media should be integrated with the traditional methods. It is recommended, however, that you have a separate marketing plan in place in order to document the guidelines and content strategies, the short and long-term objectives and to particularly measure every effort in social media.

Here are some guides that you may opt to consider for your social media marketing strategies to be effective:

Ensure everybody is on board. If you are a big company, you have to make sure that everyone from the top management, as well as upper down to middle management are included in the entire process of social media marketing. Involve members of your organization in the decision-making and actual execution in the marketing of your company through social media. The same is true for small business owners.

Simplicity is key, especially in deciding what platform to use. There are several social media platforms. While it is not recommended that you participate and join in each one of them, you have to know which social media platforms will be efficient and effective for you. Make sure that the content you create is based on the type of social network you have chosen.

Goals are important, whether it is short or long-term. Why do you engage in a business? You have a goal and pursue it. Marketing in social media is just an avenue for you to reach that goal. Goals should be concrete.

Creating content and not just an update. Updates are necessary, but you have to create Web content that will influence your target customers. You can follow the 70/30 rule in which 70% of your content is about information on the product/service you are selling and the remaining 30% is the advertising.

Check your progress in social media and you can do this by measuring your content efforts. Try using Google Analytics or the analytics from Facebook.



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