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Be Effective In Delivering A Good Presentation And Speech

14 Jul , 2014  

Being an effective speaker during a speech requires practice and there are effective strategies to employ to overcome stage fright. Presenting one’s self confidently and speaking in an effortless manner will be a great start in keeping your audience’s attention.

Avoid fidgeting, shaking and pacing, as these are signs of nervousness that can easily be noticed. It’s actually normal to be nervous but appearing calm and confident will show people that you have a message to impart and that they ought to listen.

A calm facial expression and a good posture are important. Your face defines what’s going on with you, give a genuine smile and stand up straight. This doesn’t only make you look professional but also friendly, which can make you appear more relatable and also convincing. It will also make your audience warm up to you more.

Use your hands and arms to gesture for attention. This will help your audience follow and listen to your topic. You create a powerful message by working your words and body together by keeping in mind that your gestures must not be excessive or robotic.

Eye contact. This is the most important gesture you need to apply to be an effective speaker. People do not want to listen to people who can’t even look them in the eye, it makes you unconvincing. Instead, be able to make eye contact with your audience to keep them engaged with you as the speaker. Look at them as if you are interested in them, not just at one person but also the entire audience, from front to back. If you have notes in your hands, don’t stare at them most of the time. Look up and give a warm smile to the people you are speaking to. Speak in a slow, calm manner in order to sound as natural and as friendly as possible. Keeping these pointers in mind, you will be sure to captivate your audience each and every time.



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