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Balancing Your Preparation

6 Sep , 2014  

Is there such a thing as over-preparation? Turns out, yes it can happen. When you are up for delivering a presentation or a speech soon, it’s one of our priorities to prepare because if we don’t, we might just mess it all up. But then, there are times when we become too focused on it and we tend to over practice that the essence of confidence becomes blurry and the audience might just hear memorized words from you, and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

In delivering a presentation, we use cards, notes and PowerPoints to guide us along the way. But do we really have to memorize every word of the content? No we don’t. The trick is to memorize or just know the basic and important details and when the presentation time is here, our job is to seterate the pieces of information from the important things you have memorized or written in your note.

Some signs of over preparation are:

  • Times when you have perfectly memorized every bit of detail that you can’t give it up in your sleep.
  • Do you know how a dull reading sounds? One reading type where the reader doesn’t give any essence or feeling to what he/she is reading? That can happen when you’re over prepared. You tend to just bluntly say the words you have to say, without knowing you have not poured any passion into it.
  • One thing that can happen during your speech is questions, you become interrupted and derailed. This makes you want to start all over again because you lost track of your place.
  • Desire for perfection makes you forgetful of the important thing you should be giving; passion.
  • Practice in a way of taking turns, take in the important facts. Don’t stress yourself out; keep it smooth and cool – not lazy.



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