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14 Aug , 2014  

Here’s another kind of article, an article for magazines. Magazines can be informative, persuasive, helpful and entertaining. So, how do you write for a magazine? Does it have to be the same as the other articles on the Internet or newspapers? See for yourself.

Always begin with the complete idea of what your topic will be. Tell a story that’s understandable. Again, with other articles, a magazine article also supports the use of the inverted pyramid style of writing to create clean content. A magazine article must have a story that has its beginning, middle and end.

BEGINNING: This part right here must be catchy or let’s say, compelling. It must grab your reader’s attention to keep them reading until the very end. It’s like designing a tasty pizza box to entice them into eating what’s inside.

MIDDLE: Here is where all the information is written. It can be an interview with a very famous actress, an article about how to do this-and-that, knowledge about the interesting restaurants to go check out, fashion trends for the season—anything that suites the magazine’s approach.

ENDING: The word defines itself. Amazing endings come as a revelation over a fact that’s least known, a quote from the actress you interviewed, anything that continues to be interesting and connected to what your topic is all about.

EXTRA CREDIT: These are seen on sidebars of the magazines most of the time. It’s the advertising part whether about the additional information to check out or an opening to another article inside the magazine.

When writing, creativity, knowledge and uniqueness are always the best key points of nearly everything. As Larry L. King once said, “Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.”

And that is how an ending should be.


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