Article Writing


The number one goal is to get the attention of the audience and draw in as many readers as possible. No matter how compelling, if it doesn’t meet SEO standards, few if any will see it. You might as well be writing a journal.

The experienced writers at QCS will gladly work with you to develop a dynamic well-organized article that is SEO compliant. Using primary keywords to increase your foot traffic by enticing your visitors and illuminating your product is just the beginning. No doubt, these draw the most new leads.

We incorporate Long tail keywords, which significantly improve your rankings, and are a proven way to reduce the cost per lead and cost per click. The correct long tail keywords can land visitors to the exact page they are searching for, and data shows they are more likely to act than browse when the search is quick and easy.

We design our articles with the audience view in mind using spirited titles and eye-catching subtitles that appeal to a broad group of people. We take pride in our ability to write informative, enjoyable articles in a conversational format that meets html requirements.

The most effective way to manage high rankings is to keep a consistent flow of fresh new content on your site. Once you develop a reputation for readable motivating and stimulating information the domino effect kicks in, that’s where we come in.

We are eager to team up with you and create an article that will promote your business, concept or idea to the world. We take pride in our contribution to your success. Seeing a business grow is very rewarding and that is a major factor in our company, helping people help themselves.

We deliver and empowering articles within your requested time-frame with costs that are quite affordable. Please check our online store for Special Introductory Offers. Just shoot us an email or Call Steve Brown for any questions, concerns or information you may need.