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Achieving Real Success With Social Media Marketing

7 Jul , 2014  

It is very possible for entrepreneurs to attract tons of loyal customers through an effective social media marketing strategy. Repeat business transactions, getting your brand recognized, and introducing your products and services would all be within your reach. However, these things can only be achieved with a great amount of effort on the social media platform. Fortunately, there are several solutions and approaches to obtain real success through social media marketing.

When using social media as a tool for marketing, timing is everything. You have to schedule your e-mails, status updates, tweets and even blog posts at the appropriate time, especially when you aim to target a certain demographic or client base. You need to research when are the best times to ‘catch’ potential customers during the time of the day when they are mostly engaged in checking their social media accounts and have the time to do a few clicks on your posted link to see what you have to offer. However, determining the ‘right time’ is tricky. For instance, for busy professionals working in an office setting, this time can be during their break that only lasts for a few minutes.

It would also be ideal to have a certain amount of interaction with your potential and loyal customers. According to Buddy Media, about 92% of Facebook post in which the status is a question will get attention or comments in comparison to typical status update. Therefore, if you will use Facebook for your business, add the right questions at the end of your post. On the other hand, another social media platform, Twitter, recommends online entrepreneurs and brands to ask their followers to ‘retweet’ a simple and short message.

Another proven method is to use images/photos to promote on social media. This outperforms using videos, texts or links. The best images to use are those that are self-explanatory such as charts and info graphs.

Strategy, timing and effort are all needed to promote your brand in social media without having to consume more than 140 characters or spend a fortune.




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