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Academe’s Guide to Web Content Writing

9 Jul , 2014  

Today, there are many Web content articles being published on the World Wide Web or the Internet. Many individuals use Web content to educate themselves or to learn something. It is important for Web content writers to provide comprehensive and properly written articles. Here are some guides to Web content writing coming from the academicians.


  • When writing, you have to think about your audience. Who are you writing for? What are the needs of these people? What is your goal? What will be the words or language that your readers will use? Put some time into thinking about these items.
  • As you write articles make sure that you do it for the readers and not for yourself. Write in concise and plain English as well as making it easy to scan.
  • When talking about plain English, use familiar and simple words. Keep in mind that your readers are all over the world. It is recommended to use short sentences and paragraph. Positive language and active voice are encouraged and make sure that your content is structured for your target readers.
  • Creating white spaces around your text is also recommended. This means that you will use plenty of headlines, use bullet points or lists and short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Write concisely in which you will not waste words and still be generous in providing information. Target reduction of your text by 50%. If you would write a long page for your article, make sure that you write concisely. Readers always look for information or ‘action’ so reduce your background.
  • Your readers will most likely search and scan for information first. Therefore, place your main points at the top of your page – in sentences and in every block of your writing.
  • Your content should include consistent and relevant headings and, of course, it should be easy to navigate and well-organized.


By following these simple guides used by seasoned professionals, you can create Web content articles that can capture your target readers.



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