Quality Communication Solutions (QCS)

Mission Statement governing articles and business

Quality Communication Solutions (QCS) is committed to creating innovative, effective, dependable, and accurate communication that meets and exceeds the needs of all clients.  Efficient stewardship of all hopes, dreams, ideas, and messages begins with flexible and friendly collaboration.  The mission of QCS is providing professional assistance to insure that the exact tone, meaning, and purpose of all communication efforts are perceived and understood by all target audiences.  Customer loyalty will be of the utmost importance because QCS seeks to build mutually successful relationships, partnerships, and friendships.


"I'll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours."

Bob Dylan - "Talkin' World War III Blues"

Core Values

Respect - Every individual is unique, valuable, and important.

Integrity - Say what you do and do what you say honestly.

Courtesy - Treat every person right every encounter.

Competency - Expand expertise and professionalism constantly.

Excellence - Surpassing every expectation in every accomplishment.

Corporate History

Quality Communication Solutions (QCS) was established in 2009.  Market research indicated vast opportunities in both corporate and private sectors for outsourced opportunities in the communication field.  The ability to provide custom crafted messages in speech, written, and visual forms is a highly sought after commodity in todays "instant" communication world.  Communication is the ability to bring about shared perceptions and understanding between either an organization and individuals, or two or more persons.  The new journey began with much excitement and will continue successfully far into the future.

The company has experienced tremendous growth over the past 3 years.  Annual sales growth in 2010 was 200%.  The year 2011 sales growth was 300%.  Projected sales growth for 2012 will again meet or exceed 300%.  The increases are due to both a broadening client base and the addition of highly competent staff writers.


   * Effective Listening is the Cornerstone of Successful Collaboration * 


Quality Communication Solutions (QCS) will provide the exact solutions you need for any type of speaking, writing, reporting, or presenting challenge that you may face.  Both corporate and individual clients are equally welcome.  Rates for services provided are comfortably affordable.  Quality of the work provided will be unsurpassed. 

Steven R. Brown - CEO/Writer/Wordsmith


Steve graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Arkansas in 1981 with two (2) B.A. degrees (Communication and Political Science) cum laude.  He went on to graduate school at the University of Virginia to study Government.  He remains an All-But-Thesis (ABT) graduate of Mr. Jefferson's university.  Finally, he earned a Doctorate degree summa cum laude in Health Service Management from La Salle University in 1997.




*20 Years of Professional Management Experience*

             Created and presented hundreds of presentations

          Expert in Power Point development

          Written numerous Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

          Developed countless Reports of All Types

          White Papers on demand

          Viewed and examined thousands of resumes

          Written and presented hundreds of case histories


          Consultant on HIPAA Regulations

          Project Management

          Continuous Quality Improvement




Proudly Serving All Veterans