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A Complete Guide in Writing News Articles: What You Need to Know

15 Sep , 2014  

You don’t need to be a journalist for you to learn how to write news articles properly. You can publish your own news story with these easy guides that will facilitate your hunger for news niches.

1. Standard Formatting most publishers and news companies require the AP style of writing for articles. Try reading the AP guidelines first and familiarize the standard rules like punctuation and capitalization.

2. SEO You don’t want just to write about everything without considering SEO. This is the single most important thing in website articles. Search engines like Google rank articles based on their content. Quality articles with an attached picture or a video for example rank highest on search engines.

3. Using the Right Keywords One common mistake of writers is they keep on stuffing keywords in their articles. You don’t need to do that. An article with a keyword density of just 1% to 2% can still rank high in search engines as long as they contain complete thoughts and information. A tip to remember is to begin your article body with your keyword and make sure that your conclusion also has the keyword.

4. Coming Up with A Great Lead This is critical in determining how your article will sound. One thing, make a CATCHY lead. Reading facilitates new writers in determining patterns from various articles about how different leads are presented. So read, read and read.

5. Nutgraf This is another important thing aside from your lead. Nutgraf is the “heart” of your article. The reason why you are writing it. It answers the question, why the story matters. Nutgraf can be a paragraph and sometimes they are the lead itself. Nutgraf guides you in what ideas to include.


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