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7 Ways to Boost Employee Performance

2 Oct , 2014  

The performance of your employees impacts the function of your business and predicts its success. Choosing the right employee is one thing and training them to become allies rather than becoming just subordinates is also another thing. These steps will change your business entirely.

Discuss Goals and Objectives Your staff is the front-line of your business, they are the ones who interact with clients 24/7, or during the entire operating hours. They should know what they are doing and they should have a clear understanding of the company’s goals and objectives so that they will be able to interact with clients with confidence and appropriate knowledge.

Agree on Employee Expectations Make sure that your employee knows his or her responsibilities. The traits and characteristics of an employee should be in line with his or her job description. Make sure they understand what you expect them to achieve and how you expect them to behave in front of customers. Do this in a friendly yet professional manner. Discuss individual preferences with your employees to hear their opinions and complaints.

Incident Reports This is a valuable idea in management in which an employee should be required to submit an incident report after any unexpected disputes that may arise between your customers and co-employees. This will facilitate discussion. Listen to your employees, hear their side of the story and avoid being biased. Remind them of the company’s objectives and consequences that they will have to face depending on the gravity of the offense.

Respect Your Employees Employees have rights too, and you need to respect that. They should be well-informed about their scope and boundaries in relation to their job description. Never scold, raise your voice, or get physical with your employees.

Group Discussion Make it a habit to conduct weekly meetings with the staff to discuss incidents and promote staff reporting. Hear about their comments and suggestions.

Provide Training Opportunities Improving their skills boosts your employees’ self-esteem and confidence. Involve employees in training programs that can further enhance their skills. This promotes personal and professional growth and inspires a good work ethic.

Positive Reinforcement Always recognize an employee’s achievements. You can give simple rewards, but most importantly, make sure your employee gets the message about your appreciation for a job well done.



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