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3 Must-Know Tools for Online Business

18 Sep , 2014  

If you want to make money out of your own website, there are three essential tools you need to know about. Remember, however, that these three tools must always be coupled with patience and dedication in order for you to achieve the best out of your Web business.


Domain Name These are unique names used to identify websites. It is used to identify various web pages using IP addresses and URLS. For example, in the URL ‘webopedia.com/TERM/D/domain_name.html,’ the domain name is ‘webopedia.com.’ Every web server needs a domain name to be translated into an IP address. A domain name will probably cost you anywhere between $9-$16 a year. Yes you need to renew your domain name from Web hosting companies like Godaddy, FatCow and iPage.


Hosting Account Your web hosting account enables your domain name to be available in the World Wide Web. Never forget to inform the Web server where you got your domain name to direct your domain to your web hosting company. You can say something like, “hello I am Sam and I bought a domain name from you and here are the details of my domain name and hosting account.” I need these two to be linked.” If someone types your domain name (e.g. cheerios.com), in order for him to view it, the registrar needs to send the researcher the website which is at your hosting company. If your Registrar doesn’t know where your hosting company is, there is no way your Web page can be shown. Hosting accounts may range from $10-$200+ a month, but there is also many hosting accounts that can be used for free.


Auto responders You probably don’t have your own auto responder at the moment. There is a company called AWeber which you will hear a lot. AWeber.com is a leading company for auto responders, who manage your list in your business. This is the reason why it is recommended to have an auto responder. If you are deciding to open an AWeber account be informed that it costs $19 a month since most people do not want to spend a dime online if possible. Unlike hosting accounts, it is difficult at best to find a reputable and free auto responder so this is something you need to consider.




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