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10 Customer Service Tips You Need to Know For Your Business

17 Oct , 2014  

You have the resources, the knowledge and the skills to start your business or you might even be pushing your business to a larger-scale. If this is the case, a wider spectrum would mean a wider responsibility and the single most important advantage that you can have is employing a staff with great customer service skills. These staff must:


Know the Hierarchy As the name implies “customer service” is always about the customers. It is the customer’s needs and wants that you and your growing team should address. All the actions that your business is undertaking are all geared toward improving the satisfaction of customers. The customer is therefore at the top most hierarchy which represents the priority and the core of your services.


Possess Initiative. Initiative is a powerful tool that can make customers feel that you are interested to meet his or her needs. A good staff gives useful information during a customer inquiry ahead of time and opens a door for the client as he leaves. These are small actions that can make a great impact to clients.


Express Sympathy A staff should always put himself into the customer’s shoes. Sympathy can be well expressed by asking a customer nicely about additional queries. Make the client feel that you will do your best in answering his questions.


Know What to Say A great customer service should possess powerful communication. Replace “I don’t know” with “I will find out” and replace “no” with “what I can do is…” Never make a customer feel that she is running out of options. Always present alternatives.


Behave Without Aggression A commandment in customer service is never to over react. Customers always ask for a solution to their problem and they hope that you can help them. When a customer starts to become irate, apologize, explain the reason and offer alternative solutions.


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